Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catch Up and New Things in My Store w/Pictures

This is the Latest from A Virtuous Woman Shop
My custom order-which I thoroughly enjoyed!!!

My Crop-A-Dile punch is the most wonderful thing!!!!It helped me to make the punches in my "Company" cards for my accessories to "pin" unto.

My packaging-it was a local delivery so I needed something pretty to put it in. I will make it a little different next time. But I really did enjoy making these items-up next is to make my Father in Laws Birthday Card.

This is a new item I would like to add to my shop:
My ABC Bows

Each would have a different color and an acronym for it like:
"A is for Adorable"
"B is for Beautiful"
"C is for Cute"
So as my viewer audience-tell me what you think-pretty please.
This is the most recent item that I have remade for my home;
it has Philippians 4:8 placed in the middle of scrolls and squiggles. I was kind of tired of the picture that was in the frame and could always use some scripture to spot throughout my home. What do you think?

The sun, the sun!!!!!! Caleb is so excited about the sun coming out again!!! He is on our front porch sun bathing:)
Yes,yes I know! No coat and no shoes or socks-believe me I tried-I figured if he got cold enough he'll come back in the house- he is such a freeze baby.

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