Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Services

Hello-Snowy and sunny all on a Sunday day. Today was nice at church, we had just a regular service but no Sunday School-which is ironic the fact that it was our church Sunday School anniversary! We had quite a bit of people in attendance this morning. Miss Judy did not come in account of the snow-so I played piano all by my little lonesome.

Then in the evening we had our adult winter banquet in the evening. We had lots of food, games,fellowship, and time spent looking at the History behind the early Christians in Rome. Lee made such great food!!!! He always outdoes himself-he is such a great chef!

Over all it has been a long day-and with Caleb in bed and a load of dishes to great me in the morning I am off to bed. I thank the Lord for yet another day he has given to me. I pray that tomorrow I will make it even more worth it-for it should not be in vain. With lots do to around the house with cleaning and such-I think sometimes I get so caught up in the moment and the "gotta get it done right now"that I forget why and where I get the day from. I want to be genuinely thankful for each day that God gives to me-and make it worth as much as I can.

I still like the "proverb" that God gave to me the other day: "I need to give to God all that my earthly hands cannot handle." which is everything because without Him I am nothing and without Him nothing exists. I love God and I want to be sure that Caleb catches that love and that others see my love that I have for God.

♥Until then♥

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