Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God's Goodness and Blessings

I know God cares for me so much-I see it every day. Sometimes it is in large things that he helps me with or blesses me with. And then most of the time it is the little things.
If you know me you know I coupon like crazy-and usually I get lots of groceries for little amount of money(only through God's blessings though). Well, I was down to the last 2pkgs of 8ct paper towels, and I was starting to get concerned about it-I know what your thinking 2 8ct pkgs and your worrying?! I do,I like to keep a large stock of things on hand.
Well, I was praying for God's wisdom on whether to spend $25 at CVS and get 10 extra care bucks back;so and then I would have 5-8ct pkgs of paper towels. I waited and kind of stalled not wanting to go out last week-and then it came. This weeks add for Acme-they were having a Catalina deal. You get $5.00 in Catalina/$off your next order back after buying $20.00 of items. Paper towels were part of that deal for $5.99-I was so excited-I knew that this is what the Lord would have for me. I would do my Cat deal and have $5 to spend on paper towels.

So setting everything aside and excited that the Lord had a sale in mind just for me didn't even think about it until last night. Looking at the add I saw an even better deal $3.99 for 8ct. Bounty basic (I know these are cheap and really not great paper towels-but I was not picky since I had a good deal). I figured I would get one package of paper towels and I would be okay til a better deal came along.

Well, it ended up that when I went through checkout the first time a $4.00 off $30.00 popped out-I couldn't believe it! So the Lord gave me that one package of 8ct Paper towels for free! Then I worked my other deals and by the end of the night I had:

5-8ct Bounty Paper towel packages=$37.45
80-boxes of Ronzoni pasta=$151.20
36-3ct pkgs of Act II popcorn=$82.44

$271.09 worth of grocery items all for a low cost out of pocket of $1.33!
Plus $7.50 I paid for my Q's for the pasta=$8.83 total

*Then Off I went to Petsmart to get my cat food

So two pk of cat food $2.10-Free Item coupon-then I received a $3.00 off my next in store purchase!!!Which I will go back and buy a $10.00/3.5lb bag of cat food for $1.00.

*Then off to Wags to order my perfume:

BOGO + minus $10.00 off original price=$38.14total for 4 bottles of perfume
retail cost of 4 bottles is: $118.67
Quite a savings I say?!
I pay with gift card

*Off to CVS next

3 bottles of nail polish remover=$10.46 original cost
4peas cold press=$42.35
=$52.81 total

They were there waiting for me on clearance-
3 nail polish remover=$1.02
4peas cold press=$3.60
=$4.62 on a gift card so essentially I paid nothing for these items

My total shopping trip for all the stores would of been:
Retail Price:$444.67
Actual out of pocket expense: $8.83

Needless to say-My feet hurt-but the rewards out way the pain:)

Thank you Lord so very much for all of the small things and the biggest thing of all dying on the cross to save me from my sin!!! I love You-not just because of what You have done but also because of who You are! You are just to good to me Lord!

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Ashley said...

I just love how the Lord does things like that! Sometimes even the smallest little things end up being some of the biggest blessings of all!

Thanks for sharing what the Lord did!