Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Anniversary Trip-6 Years of Marital Bliss!!!!

To celebrate our six year anniversary we went on a Family Vacation in August
We did as follows:

Friday: Drove: 6 hours arrive at mom and dad Cole's
Evening:Went to Pastor and Mrs. Emery's house for dinner
Saturday: Pymantuning/pontooning on the lake
Sunday: Greg preached and I sang at Bible Baptist
Monday:Niagara Falls
Tuesday:Headed towards Michigan for our hotel stay
*If you go to Greenfield Village you have to get a pizza from Happy's-so good!!!*
Wednesday:Michigan-Greenfield Village
Thursday:Stan Hewitt and my parents for dinner
Friday:Went fishing and drove 6 hours back home
Saturday:Had a wedding to sing at our church

Lots and Lots of driving!!!!We used Greg's parents house as a little hotel for every night except for Tuesday night.

This was from Niagara Falls on the Hurricane Deck

This place is in Akron,Ohio-this is the place that Greg proposed to me October 12 ,2002( not that I remember or anything:) )<- Guess that would be a double chin smile;)

My Knight in Shinning Armour and Me

We Tried to get a good picture of Caleb and us-well, you see what happened

looked the wrong way:

then kinda choked us:

He is such a silly little boy.

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