Friday, June 20, 2008

Snakes and Ladders...

We went down to the Riverfront to do some wading the other day, and this "little" guy(Northern Water Snake) was there eating a fish. Of course I did not want to go in the water because of this serpent. Well, Greg said "That's okay-I'll kill it for you!" So not only did we get some water enjoyment but the boys got to go hunting for this snake that was hidding in the rocks. Time passed a little after the hot pursuit of the creature started, and soon enough my Knight in Shinning Armour proudly smiled at me for he had slain the serpent with a strong blow with a rod to the head. He was so brave!! I asked if I could see and he said, "You may not want to because he has no head(with big grin-of course)". Sure enough-no head-but he was a good size snake-probably 3-4 feet long.

(Pictures from Internet resource)

Caleb has been telling the story of "The snake who had no head because Daddy killed it off", to anyone who will listen. He really was proud of his Daddy. I was just enamoured with this act of chivalry. He is my Super Hero!

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