Friday, June 20, 2008

Savings and Spendings

Here are my store runs from last week...


28-Bandaids (2 not pictured-donated for Bible School) $1 coupon
(and when you purchased 15 dollars worth of certain products a Catalina would print out for a free book so...)
2-Free books Free Item Catalina
10-Melitta Coffee Filters $1 coupon
6-Acme Shake and Bakes $0.60 Avenu
3-Hormel Chicken Meat $1 coupon

Original Cost:$146.89


23-Oral B floss $1 coupon (gave overage)
5-Huggies wipes $1 coupon(gave overage)
3-Hershey syrup $0.70 coupon
6-Lea and Perrins $1 coupon $1Target Q
6-All Detergent $1.50 coupon (gave overage)
15-Rayovac $1 coupon

Original Price:$66.98
Oop: $0.55


3-Cvs Rainbow sprinkles
16-Mens Degree Deoderant
8-Mens Razors
2-Brut Deoderant
6-Biore Nose Strips
2-Cvs Bandaids
1-EOB Bronzer
6-J&J Buddies Soap
1-Lumene Body Aktiva
5-Smart Rinse
6-Gobstoppers(1 missing:)
3-Mike and Ike(1 missing:)
1-Soothing Relief
4-Lifesavers Gummies(1missing,also:)
And last but not least Just 16 of these 12 packs were part of this CVS run.
(The others were from a different week of CVS :)

Paid with Gift Card:$12.71
And earned all kinds of ECBS:)

It was a decent week of Savings and Spendings-To the Lord be all the Praise and Glory-for without Him I could not.

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