Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A round at Target

Here is my round at Target-they wanted to give me some stuff LOL

This is what I received at Target last week:

12 Special spa packages of Venus Razors with a whole bunch of other goodies:
7-Olay Quench Lotion-1.0 oz
5-Full Size Can(s) of Shaving Gel
7-Travel size shaving gel cans
12-Razors plus the 12 extra refills
5-Shower hanger travel bags-these are so cute
7-travel razor cases
12-of the razor pods(holder for in shower)

Targets deal
Buy any two Venus or Gillete power Razors and get $10 gift card.
They cost 9.44 apiece
So the math went like this:
18.88-8.00 in coupons=10.88
but the boxes were damaged so I received 10% off the price on each of them:)!
So I paid even less
-10%=7.96-my $5 gift card that I already had=2.9x
(I already had a $5 gift card from a previous deal( you remember all that aveeno lotion))
Then I wheeled and dealed and came out with: drum roll.....

$113.xx worth of stuff and I paid $2.9x out of pocket, and I now have a $10 gift card towards whatever my little heart desires. I will probably save it though for another good gift card deal at Target.

God is so good!!!!

Walgreens deal (no picts though sorry)

I got 30 cans of the Full Size Gillete Satin Care for free. At the end they paid me in register rewards to take it off of their hands-I made $15 in register rewards-so I put that on my gift card for Walgreens.

So 89.xx of product for ZERO out of pocket (because of all the Q's I had)and walked away earning a total of $15 Walgreens money. I'm so Happy:)

Looked like this:
$20.00-Gillete cans (on sale for $2.00 a can)
-10.00 IVP of Walgreens
-10.00 Q's from P&G
Final Cost:ZERO
And then a register reward for $5.00 spits out:)

Clear as mud? Any Questions just comment me:)

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