Friday, May 16, 2008

May15, Superfresh and CVS

What a wonderful family God has blessed me with!!

A couple rounds at Superfresh:

They had Bonus Bucks again this week

Here is the ad

Now the fun thing about Superfresh is that the actual price of the item is what counts toward your top line-your goal purchase amount. Here is an example:

Lets do the Kraft deal

Buy $20 get $7

The dressing was on sale for 1.66 a piece

Original price was 3.39

so I needed six to put me over $20

6 x 3.39=$20.34-I reached the purchase amount goal

So my sale cost now is
6 x 1.66=$9.96
plus I had coupons (you didn't think that I would pay that much oop (out of pocket), did you? That is a high price for salad dressing)

so at the end my total cost is=$6.96

Understand how it works?

Now here is what I received-I say received because I did not pay much for all of this.
18-Kraft Dressings
20-Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce
Since the BBQ sauce was B1G1 free this made for less oop
Looked like this

Original price: $2.69 x 10=$26.90-met my price quota

Sale Price: $2.69 x 5=$13.45

-$5.00 in Q's

Final Price $8.45-about 85 cents apiece-But I did not even pay that much.
I did these together because I has Bonus Bucks from previous week.

*******NEXT DEAL********

6-Turkey Hill Pint Ice Creams
6-1.75Qt Turkey Hill Ice Cream

The Math:

2-Big Ice Cream $6.29 2-Small Ice Cream $2.19

Original $16.96

Sale Price$9.29

About $2.32 apiece

But I still did not pay all that much

Here are my totals for all purchases:
Original Prices Total: $165.xx
OOP(out of pocket):$8.xx

I overspent by $3.00-we had an emergancy come up and I did not do my orders correctly-but still I did okay.


52- Tubes of Toothpaste

3-Adidias Deoderant

4-Schick Intuition Razors

Spent Ecb's-got back Ecb's-paid nothing out of pocket-I paid with Money Card.

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Tiffany said...

Hi Kelly
Dillon was admitted to CHOP last night so I am sitting in his room looking at your blog. I am not sure I understand this thing you are talking about here - I need to look at it more but it looks like you are saving a lot of money! Looks cool!