Saturday, February 9, 2008


Love Like My Lord
by Emily Derry

I long to love as does my Lord,
For peace I wish and no discord,
Good things for all, ill will for none
Yes, Lord, Help me love everyone.
I long to help all those in need
And to defeat those who love greed.
To do for those who can't repay,
I long to love all every day.
I want to love like Christ,
My King, To give my all, my everything,
Yes, seek and help those without love,
And truly love like God above.
I long to love with pure desire,
To lift down-trodden from the mire,
To help the helpless as I may,
And live to love another day.
I hope that all may love one day
While greed and hatred go away,
That like the gracious one above.
We all may learn to live and love.

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