Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday- Carrie from Dittle Dattle

I know that it is late in the evening,
 and I said that I would post the guest posting sometime this afternoon;
but I didn't tell you what time zone I would post this...hahahha just kidding. 
I am still stress free and not worrying about it-really I am not. 
I am glad that I got it posted though.
So here I am so happy to be able to share this wonderful tutorial.
Today we have
guest posting for us.
She has a fabulous tutorial for a cute and adorable Valentine's Day Subway Art Pillow!
I hope you really enjoy!!
Hello Happy Home Maker and Momma readers!

My name is Carrie and I coming here today from Dittle Dattle

I started blogging about 10 months ago as a means to encourage myself to finish the many unfinished projects and never ending to-do list that I have.  My blog, Dittle Dattle, is my journal to all my completed projects!  I love to create knock-off projects!  You know…. taking something that is way out of my budget and then figuring out a way to make it for way way less!   

There are so many wonderful Valentine’s Day subway art floating around the internet.  I just happened to stumble on this great subway art from Krista at While He Was Napping.  With her permission, I used her subway art to create a pillow!

With the help of my Cricut machine and freezer paper, I first made a stencil. 
I have done this technique before  HERE and HERE, so , I’ll run through the steps rather quickly. 

Iron on the freezer paper stencil to a white fabric square.  My fabric measured 13x13. {allowing for half inch seam allowance, my finished pillow measures 12x12} 
Then paint, using 50/50 paint and textile medium mixture.

Remove the freezer paper carefully and once the paint is dry heat set with a hot dry iron.

Sew the two 13x13 squares together and pressed with an iron.  The fabric I was using was pretty thin.   I was worried that the the poly-fiber filling would show through the thin material and look lump.  Before I stuffed it, I cut a flat piece of quilt batting and placed it inside the pillow casing.   Then I stuffed in between the layers of batting.
Of course it need something…. RED
I didn’t have any red satin material but I did find a wide ribbon {at my mom’s house…. the best place to go shopping!}   and embroidered the word LOVE. Then I sewed the to ends of the ribbon together to create a band and slipped it over the pillow. 
For my non-sewing friends, I think you could make this using a ready made pillow.   If I was attempting it on a 3 dimensional object, I would cut the stencil down in to more manageable sizes.  Or an even easier idea is to use transfer paper!!! Just remember to reverse the wording {or mirror image} before printing off on transfer paper.  If you make one, I would love to see and hear about it.

Thank you Kelly-Jo inviting me to be your guest blogger today.
Have the best day ever,

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WelltoDo said...

such a lovely blog ♥ i'm a new follower from well-to-do blog (based in snowy maine). stop over and see me sometime, thanks :)



Debbie said...

Cute pillow. Following you from the Wednesday hop.
Debbie from nofiltermom.blogspot.com

1grown2togo said...

Awesome tutorial gonna do this with my daughter thank you!! New follower via GFC from the Skip & Jump Wed Hop~Shari


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Looking forward to see your post!

Thanks and have a Happy Valentine's Day!